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Please Pardon the Interruption. Back in Business Soon!


Rebuilding after a fire, earthquake, or other major event? We assume our insurance policy’s will have our back.  Thanks to a claim to your insurance carrier, you’ll be back in business before you know it.

But what about that time lag between the disaster and the grand reopening? Even with the funds to rebuild, the recovery process takes time. Not only will you have to reconstruct, but you’ll also need to replace equipment. And a few weeks – or even a few days – with a “Closed” sign in front can pose a real problem for most businesses.

It’s for this crucial time period that insurance providers offer business interruption (BI) insurance. BI insurance will compensate you for the income lost while your business is shut down; based on your financial records, you’ll receive the equivalent of the income you would have earned if the disaster hadn’t happened. BI insurance also covers operating expenses, such as electricity bills, that don’t stop while you’re rebuilding after a disaster.

Coverage is typically available as an add-on to your property insurance policy or as part of a package. You may need coverage for more than a few days, so choose a policy that is sufficient for your revenue stream, expenses, and potential downtime. Your agent can help ensure you have the proper coverage with the right policy limits for your business. With this buffer in place, your business can recover if disaster strikes.

The damage will be an interruption, not an end. And you can change your sign from “Closed” to “Reopening Today.”